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Don't buy an expensive HMD make one.  Full Head Tracking Gyration the best and most affordable tracker.

Coop Games:  So, You Wanna Be A Playa?

 See the PC VR game gun that I've made.. Works with TV out and USB tracking quick and easy relatively inexpensive homebrew.  InThePCgamming.


Now Playing: 2005 VR games

 Cybermaxx WinXP Drivers HMD, Data Gloves and more.

 USB Headtracker - Move your head and it moves the mouse real simple. Now all we need is separate head and torso movements.

 Inexpensive head tracking for windows XP + old school VR.

HMD/headset/VR-helmet Comparison Chart

 Almost all software is VR compatible nowadays that the mouse is the head movement. ( MouseLook ) Working on the mod for separate head and torso movement. I always enjoy visiting the NaturalPoint TrackIR web page for more compatible software. No drivers needed. VR ready.

Software headtracking using a webcam. Hmmm, I never could get theses things working quite right. Very Interesting though. 

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If your not playing cooperative your just playing with yourself.

More of the LAN games I'm playing.

See The Big List

Play Box


New Trimersion PC-HMD VR

look @ this thing VirtuSphere

The Most Realistic Virtual Reality Room In The World

My small LCDroom project. 

 New 2006 Tracker HMD
eMagin SVGA 3D

Other VR

If your looking for DEATH MATCH your still in the wrong place...

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