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Word on the net seems to be getting around on the absents of a cooperative mode in games.

PCGameWorld Has some articles but surprisingly no cooperative game section

Here is a top ten according to Game spot witch I don't agree with.

A few good user groups with some good discussions and suggestions on games to play. Click Here


    More Co-op Gaming Opinion 

The comparatively unexploited market for Co-op games may be the next 'Mother Load' for developers as it brings new male and female gamers into the fold.

It’s a fact that there has been a huge rise in the number of games that offer a multiplayer feature, but one side of the multiplayer market that is yet untapped and seems ripe for the picking is the Co-op solo campaign. This seems like a very strange omission, especially due to the huge number of team based games such as Counter-strike, the popular arranged team feature for many real time strategy games, as well as tendency to form cooperative parties in most MMPOG’s. It is obvious that to some degree people who play games like to work together for their common goal, so why have the developers ignored those that are; shall we say, Internet-challenged?

Some games like Halo, both Serious Sam 1 & 2, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, and Hunter: The Reckoning offer the Co-op mode allowing friends to team up, but still most games focus on pitting one player against another. These Co-op games actually have helped many people I know expand their horizons and find new game types to enjoy, as well as new gamers! In fact the only female gamers that I know got into gaming because their boyfriends bought a Co-op game and made it an experience that they can share, and we know girls are all about that sharing thing.

They have also relayed to me that the frustration, and fear to some degree, associated with learning a new game was decreased by sitting in the same room with a friend, and getting the help needed to improve their gameplay, without having to rely on the kindness of strangers on a message board somewhere.

The real benefit of Co-op gaming though is that they are so much fun to play. Just like calling in your best friend be your wingman at the bar when you scope out two hot babes, Co-op gaming lets you call in your comrade and he can really be your wingman while fighting off the Flood in Halo. Talking about how you either scored with the babes or finished the game afterwards is half the fun too.

The comparatively unexploited market for Co-op games could wind up being the next “Mother Load” for developers as it brings both new male and female gamers into the fold. They also help build stronger friendships through teamwork, and simply getting people together in the same place. Hopefully more games will offer a Co-op mode in the near future. As opposed to playing against each other, we will all be playing alongside one another.

Opinion piece by Lance Zacker.















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 see a list of PC cooperative Games.


Playing a game together on a local Network with friends. 

From the early 1990's to around 1998 playing cooperative games with friends wasn't a real problem.  I had a Novel IPX/SPX  LAN running at home and everything was great. Then in late 1998 it happened a LAN lovers worst nightmare the games with cooperative play where gone. They had blinked out. The game was out and the death match was in.  No Game. What happen ?

Do you realize I have to go back to Quake II  to play a good cooperative game with my wife or friends !  Most all games , (well first person shooters anyway) had cooperative play. What happen ?

  • Doom Series
  • Hexen/Heretic/Whitchhaven 
  • Rise of the Triads/Tekwar/Duke nuke
  • Quake Series and Unreal series 
  • Magic Carpet series
  • Do I have to mention Dekatana 

Most of the games had cooperative play (Co-Op). This is where you and those in/on your work group or LAN (Local Area Network) can play the game together and achieve common goals.  Get through the levels.

PLAY THE GAME  - Not DEATH MATCH Shit. If I want death match I'll turn and shoot. It's On ! 

I mean how many times can I kill my friends ?  Now days that's all you get is death match. No GAME.

With a few good driving Simulations and some other flying games that's about the only type of new game we had to play cooperatively for years.  Had the game programmers gone mad ?  Are they crazy - Why no Co-Op ?  Thank GOD for  Novalogic and Sven Viking.

Over the last several years these were the only games out there if you wanted new and needed cooperative play.    

Sven Viking's -  Half Life modification that makes the game supports cooperative play. "SvenCoop is all I've played for 3 years"  What is Valve software thinking with no Co-Op.  Great job Sven !!!!

Novalogic's -  Delta force series was nearly all we had left of a new cooperative game that supported LAN play. (Except  Taskforce Dagger no co-op just death match  I can't believe I bought this shovelware. We hope Black Hawk Down Supports cooperative play.

GOD GAMES - with the Serous Sam Series. Somehow the game play made me sick and the monsters are cheesy.  (Not real emersion or game feeling here) Just don't feel like I do when I play Medal of Honor.  Thank you for supporting cooperative I've purchased both titles and was sick on both of them - but would do it again in a minute. 

oh yea, Cant forget Rogue Spear.     RoeGEE's Up <!>

Single Player - Huh,  There should be no such thing. You want to play the game alone and by yourself then play. But it should always be able to be played cooperatively. Programmers please support Co-Op.

  • UPDATE 10-17-02

 No One Lives Forever 2 - Will support cooperative play. Right now it's just some last minute thrown together levels - but you can play cooperatively. I think they might be on to something.

  • UPDATE 10-28-02

Just downloaded Deadly Dozen 2 it supports cooperative play. You know it just might be coming back....They talk like the new DOOM  III will be a single player game. Will it ? Will cooperative game play make a come back ?

Single Player - There should be no such thing.     

  • UPDATE 11-30-03

NOLF2 / Sven Coop - Still the best cooperative experience to date.

Still no cooperative map packs for NOLF2 Unbelievable !

Deadly Dozen2 - Supports the Coop ! Love the game. It's new and the entire game is cooperative.

But Really, I'm just sick of a terrorist - WWII themed shooter already... COME ON... Now you take that engine environment and through in some T-rex , Raptors and sci-fi. theirs a game with a some real emersion..  

Programmers have the whole universe at their disposal and their all stuck in 1942...    @#$? 

Though I wish Medal of Honor or Call of Duty supported a cooperative play mode. 

I just don't understand. How impressive would CALL of DUTY be if it had Co-Op.  Greatness !

Can we have a patch?  please, Please,   Hello ?

NFSHP - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - Yielded good cooperative play along with a surprise title called LIVE FOR SPEED awesome simulation here.

MaxxPayne2 - No cooperative

Get over the death match it's always their no matter what. You just turn and shoot.  Right ?  <!>

How about a little Coop game in that game.  I don't get it.

Oh yeah, then theirs HALO.

HALO - No Cooperative play at least on the PC version. Every other platform on the planet supports cooperative play excepted the PC version.

Half - Life2 - Sven and the gain appear to be hard at work making the modification for Half-life2 cooperative play. 

FarCry(mod) - Today it's the best coop PC game.

Maybe with more and more information about cooperative game play appearing on the net the programmers, bosses, or somebody can get to work. 

We want a cooperative game web site ! 

And we don't have time to make it !




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