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Wallets: The easiest way is to use Coinbase or Robinhood to hold your crypto currency. Ledger, eToro, Exodus, Coinbase, Trade Station, Gemini or others. We suggest you create an offline secure wallet. For a more detailed explanation read this.

  • Small amounts (~0.1% net worth) — use a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet
    Block­stream Green — Probably the best bitcoin wallet for iPhone (also works on Android)

  • Medium Amounts (~1-10% net worth) — use a Hardware Bitcoin Wallet
    Trezor--More user friendly - Coldcard--More advanced security features

  • Large amounts (more than 10%+ net worth) — use a Multisig Bitcoin Wallet
    Casa Keymaster Multisig— More advanced privacy features
    Unchained Capital’s Multisig — Good customer service and easy to use inter­face.


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