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  Frequency Jamming                      


Flooding Frequencies

Portable Firewall

Jamming and detection  Intelligent Jammers

Jamming and detection solutions for USA, prisons, schools, courts and other governmental organizations.

Tactical Response Jammers

Intelligent JammersJamming Frequencies

large indoors coverage/ portable use

units designed to block large outdoor areas. Custom made variations are available.

Network Detection - Cellular phone triangulating - Locate unwanted devices. Eliminate Devices. Detect active and dormant hidden cellular phones. Portable phone usage alerts !!! Alerting you when a nearby phone is in use. Smart Sequencing - macro alert to break the communication channel as needed. multiple smart cellular detectors. 

Frequency Jamming


Commercial 19" inch rack systems for wireless and cellular communications available.

 Where just updating our database. Scan Frequency auto Jamming 






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 - Inventers of the wearable firewall.

       Network Detectionwearable firewall

Frequency Jamming

Light weight wearable Firewall protection. Easy installation into any garment in minutes. low heat quite personal dampening field. simple On/Off switch.Frequency Jamming

wearable FirewallConfuse the electronics - M29 wearable FIREWALL. Worlds first wearable firewall protection. Protect yourself from unauthorized probing.

Subsonic, Wireless Networks, PDMA, GPRS, Cellular, Bluetooth and more. Complete Dampening. Block Wifi, Cellphones, Terraprobes, CCTV surveillance, Bluetooth, Satellite phones, GPS, UHF, VHF,


   smart cellular detectors  Frequency Jamming


Block all GSM/DCS/CDMA/3G networks


The Commercial sector. - Products designed for Homeland Security.


Engineering Frequency Jammers


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